Summer is here? Or is it :) With El Nino now in our weather system, prices going up all around us, we need to look after our pockets and look after what we already own!

Hi friends!

We hope you are all doing very well and managing your finances as prices do not stop going up and inflation is on the rise…after years of La Nina weather, that brought a lot of heat and drought to many regions, El Nino will bring stronger weather fronts, with much rain and unpredictable weather. Not to mention the cycle we are in worldwide, where there is much volcanic disturbance which increases cloud cover and therefore, more rain. Get ready now, to make sure you protect your vehicle and get the items you may need to survive the coming storms ahead. Prices will continue to go up, so getting your necessary items now, will save you a lot of money in the future.

At AutoMotoRange we work hard for you, sourcing the best products at the best price for your pocket, for your car and to give yourself a little treat. Things will get better, we are confident of that, keeping positive and making the most of our situations is imperative right now. There is no better time to look after your vehicle, make it look like new, maintain it, at a fraction of the cost. So you may have to do a little work yourself, but this is most enjoyable, in making you feel accomplished and nice things make us happy, all this without the need to buy new!

Making your life easier and more comfortable as we travel through these seemingly difficult times, we can beat this together and with our free shipping, selling only top quality items, you can save the extra for other things that you enjoy. Whilst we are mainly car enthusiasts 🙂 These amazing machines that get us to the places we need to go or travel, they deserve the care and you deserve the comfort and reliability. We also have products for boats, wood, motorbikes, quads and other motorised vehicles that you use for work or recreation.

Whether you want to fix your leather seats, fabrics, ceramic coat your car, fix your alloys or even replace them. We are your one stop shop!

Our commitment to the best customer service, and customer satisfaction is our main priority. We work harder as the going gets tough, to make your shopping with us the most pleasant experience you ever had. With many customers that can vouch for this, we strive to keep these relationships with you and are there for you, for whatever you need and answer any questions you may have. Times have changed and the customer has not been put first, but we are old school, the customer comes first for us, everytime!

We wish you health, happiness and abundance for the year and look forward to doing business with you, once again.

Take a look at a selection of products that we have in stock, and remember, we ship for free worldwide!

Thank you for browsing our site, that we have worked hard to bring you the best quality and price point, affordable for all, even in these trying times.

Take good care for now and we shall catch up soon!

AutoMotoRange Team (c)

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