Large Wood Oiling Kit

Large Wood Cleaning and Oiling Kit

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Contains all the products you need to clean and oil your decking

  • Cleans and protects decking
  • Revives, restores and nourishes decking
  • Quick acting Decking Cleaner that removes dirt, mould, and green staining
  • Superior quality Decking Oil that enhances the wood, prevents drying, and reduces fading
  • Specialist Decking Applicator Pad & Tray to speed up the application process
  • Suitable for all types of wood decking

About the Decking Oil Kit

Our Decking Oil Kit has been designed to provide you with the specialist tools and treatments that you need to both clean and protect your decking. In addition to the Decking Cleaner and Clear Decking Oil, the kit includes our Decking Applicator Kit to ensure that you quickly get the best results when you apply the oil.

If installed and maintained properly decking can last for a good 10-15 years. Using our Decking Oil Kit to clean and treat your decking at least once a year, will prevent the wood from drying and cracking and prolong the life of the decking.

Our dual action, advanced formula Decking Cleaner provides highly effective results for cleaning and reviving the wood, restoring it to its original colour. It can be applied directly to wooden surfaces with no scrubbing required to kill green algae, lichen, mould and moss.

Our premium grade, advanced formulation Clear Decking Oil will protect and maintain all types of wooden decking while enhancing the grain and bringing out the natural colour and beauty of the wood with an attractive satin finish. Its deep penetrating action will feed and nourish all decking timbers while not only providing excellent water repellence, but will help prevent cracking, warping, splitting and swelling. It also contains UV filters, which help protect against sun damage while also helping to prevent the growth of mould, mildew and fungi.

Our Decking Applicator Kit contains the decking applicator, a 1.4m long handle and a tray to pour the Clear Decking Oil into. It makes applying oils and stains to decking easy and hassle free, and is five times faster than using a brush. The Decking Applicator Pad can be used on smooth or grooved decking.  The handle comes in four pieces that are screwed together to create a 1.4m long handle, or fewer pieces can be attached to create a shorter handle that can be used on those hard to reach areas. The pad itself can be removed and replaced with a new one as needed.

Decking Cleaner Features

Drying Time: 10 minutes
Coverage: 25m2 per 5 litre bottle
Maintenance: Once a year
Application: Pour over decking
Suitability: Safe for all types of wood and decking

Clear Decking Oil Features

Drying Time: 4-6 hours
Coverage: 25m² per 5 litre tin
Coats: 2 coats to bare wood
Recoat time: Once previous has dried
Maintenance: Once a year, or when showing signs of ‘drying’
Application: Apply using a Decking Applicator Pad & Tray

Decking Oil Kit is Suitable For

The Decking Oil Kit can be used on all types of wood and timber decking:

  • Hardwood and softwood decking
  • Oak decking
  • Siberian Larch decking
  • Thermowood decking
  • Iroko, Balau and other tropical wood decking
  • Cedar decking
  • Teak decking

It also cleans and protects any other type of timber decking.

Decking Oil Kit Coverage and Shelf Life

5 litres of Decking Cleaner and 5 litres of Clear Decking Oil is enough to clean and treat roughly 25m² of decking

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight between 10°C and 25°C.

Once open, use within 3 years.

Decking Oil Kit Contents

5 litres Decking Cleaner

5 litres Clear Decking Oil

Decking Applicator Pad Kit:

  • 1 x Decking Applicator
  • 1 x 1.4m long handle
  • 1 x Tray

Decking Oil Kit Instructions

Step 1 – Cleaning the Decking

  1. Before applying the Clear Decking Oil, the decking needs to be cleaned. Most new decking has been pre-treated with a waterproof protection that will need to be cleaned off with our Decking Cleaner before applying the oil. With previously stained decking, our Decking Cleaner should remove any peeling old finishes, but you may need to use a paint stripper on some painted surfaces.
  2. Firstly, check the condition of your decking and decide if any replacement boards are needed. Then brush the decking to clean off any debris with a stiff broom.
  3. Using a hosepipe, slightly dampen the wood to be treated. Pour some Decking Cleaner into a watering can or bucket, and then pour it over the timber. Scrub with a stiff broom or Stiff Scrubbing Brush to loosen and remove the dirt, staining and grime, then leave for 20 minutes for the cleaner to take effect. Make sure you scrub in the direction of the grain. To finish cleaning, rinse off all the dirt and residue from the Decking Cleaner with a hosepipe.
  4. We advise not to use a pressure washer to clean decking, as the pressure from the water can cause the wood to splinter and split.
  5. Once cleaned, the decking should be allowed to dry for a few days in dry, warm conditions before applying any treatments. This is also the time to replace any boards.
  6. If you have green staining on your decking, our Decking Cleaner has been designed to remove, kill and prevent the growth of green algae, lichen, mould and moss. Simply pour or spray the cleaning solution onto the affected areas, saturating the wood, and leave it for 2 to 3 days. Over this time, the Decking Cleaner will kill the algae, and the green staining will start to fade and turn to dust, ready to be rinsed and swept off with a stiff brush.

Step 2 – Assembling the Decking Applicator Pad

Assemble the Decking Applicator Pad to the desired length by screwing the individual components together.

Step 3 – Oiling the Decking

  1. As our Decking Oil is a clear oil, it is designed to enhance the natural features of the decking, rather than to mask them like a stain or paint would.
  2. The decking must be clean and dry. Shake or stir the oil thoroughly and pour into the Tray. Apply the oil liberally with our Decking Applicator Pad in the direction of the grain. Make sure you cover all the wood, including any edges, for maximum protection. Leave for five minutes for the oil to penetrate into the wood, and then wipe off any excess oil with a clean pad or cloth.
  3. The decking will be showerproof within two hours, depending on temperature and humidity conditions. The air temperature needs to be consistently above 8 degrees centigrade. We recommend applying two coats of the Clear Decking Oil to get maximum protection.  Leave at least four hours between coats to enable the oil to dry.
  4. To clean up, remove as much oil from your applicator pad as possible and then wash out the Decking Applicator Pad and the tray with warm soapy water.

Decking Oil Kit FAQs

Q. How often should decking be cleaned and treated?
A. You should regularly brush your decking to remove the build-up of any dirt and rinse it down with warm water. We recommend that you use our Decking Cleaner and Clear Decking Oil Stain to clean and treat your decking thoroughly once a year. However, if your decking is in a heavy use area or a damp, shady spot then it may need treating more regularly as the boards will be more prone to rot.

Q. Does the Decking Cleaner and Clear Decking Oil work on all types of wood?
A. Yes. We have formulated both products so that they are extremely effective at cleaning all types of decking.

Q. Will it remove green stains from decking?
A. Yes, green staining on decking is typically mould, algae or lichen. Always, clean those areas first following the normal decking cleaning instructions. If the green staining remains, pour the Decking Cleaner onto the affected area and leave it for three days. Over this period the Decking Cleaner will kill the green organisms and turn them to dust, which can then be swept and rinsed off.

Q. Will the Decking Cleaner remove old decking stain?
A. If used with a Stiff Scrubbing Brush or broom the cleaner will remove some of the stain, but it isn’t designed to remove decking stains and so it might not remove it all. Old stains may need to be sanded out to remove them completely and/or a paint stripper may need to be used before applying the Decking Cleaner.

Q. What happens if it rains after oiling my decking?
A. The Clear Decking Oil is showerproof within two hours; any rain after then will be fine. If it rains sooner than this the water may soak into the wood and displace the oil. If this happens, wait for the oil to dry then reassess as it may dry normally. If it doesn’t, you will need to clean and re-oil the decking.

Q. Will Decking Oil act as a decking sealer?
A. The Clear Decking Oil soaks into the wood and forms a tough finish. This will help the wood repel staining and water from rain.

Q. What time of year should I oil my decking?
A. Decking should be oiled in spring, summer or early autumn when day and night temperatures are consistently above 8 degrees centigrade. You should avoid very hot days when any treatment could dry too quickly and therefore not be fully absorbed into the wood.

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